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Local Attractions In Villefagnan Charente

Local Attractions & Amenities In Villefagnan Charente and Surrounding Areas



The Charente is one of the official departments or districts of France and it has a population of more than 340,000. It is situated in the south east of the Poitou-Charentes region. The landscape and countryside offers an attractive and diverse environment for ramblers, hill walkers and mountain bikers, providing as it does its rolling hills in the east to a much flatter landscape in the west. To the north is a wild area with extensive forests and woodland, and there are hills reaching to over a thousand feet. Agriculture has long been the staple economy of the Charente and has formed the livelihood of most of its populace, and this is reflected in the picturesque nature of the region.

However, in the Eighteenth century the region also became famous for its Cognac, which quickly became assimilated and popular all over the world.

The picturesque town of Cognac (below left and right) is built on the Charente River and retains its medieval charm, while the Porte St- Jacques (below left) shows its original purpose as a fortified town. This part of Charente remains unspoiled through centuries of conflict in other areas. Cognac offers extensive tours of vineyards and, of course, Cognac tasting.

Charente Gite Holidays Porte St-Jacques

Charente Gite Holidays Grapes

The Charente is particularly well situated for expatriates who are looking to purchase a property in France, whether it is for permanent residence or just for a few months a year either in the summer or to get away from the cold British winters! The quality of roads here is very high, enabling an easy drive down to the Charente and onward to the Channel ports. The department is also within striking distance of Poitiers, La Rochelle, Bordeaux, Bergerac and Limoges airports, and these are all within two hours' drive.

Angouleme (pictured right) is typical of the character of many Charente towns in that it is small yet cosmopolitan, and has a bustling feel to it, especially when compared to the more laid back Dordogne or Haute Vienne.

Angouleme is notable for hosting many events such as its vintage car racing at the Circuit des Remparts (this takes place every September). Angouleme is the home of French cartoonism and animation, and has a cartoon festival in January, as well as a thriving music scene. The towns of Cognac and Confolens have festivals every year, which are popular with tourists and townsfolk alike.

Charente Gite Holidays Angouleme

The Charente has a quite diverse and varied countryside and borders five other departments. The landscape is typified by its Cognac vineyards in the west and its rich pasture in the east which serves farms producing Limousin beef; the diversity of these two different types of scenery are worlds apart. The flood plain of the Charente River starts at Ruffec to the north, and through Angouleme onto Jarnac and Cognac.

In the east of the Charente lies Confolens (pictured right) which is sited on the banks of the River Vienne. This area is known as the Charente Limousine. It is very popular among British expatriates as it looks and feels, some might say, very much like the United Kingdom. The southern region, bordering on the popular Charente Maritime, has a milder climate and with fewer rolling hills.

Charente Gite Holidays Confolens


Charente Coast and Beaches

You will find the closest beach resort to Villefagnan is La Rochelle which is about an hour and 15 minutes by car. This is a beautiful, well-established coastal town complete with cobbled streets, and there are several sandy beaches. There are extensive outside markets, which are held on Wednesdays and Saturdays, where you can buy all sorts of wares including a huge variety of cheeses, wines and seafood. La Rochelle also has a thriving harbour and is the third most visited French town by visitor numbers.

Right: La Rochelle harbour, with its fortified entrance towers, from the air.

Charente Gite Holidays La Rochelle


Golf Courses in Charente

For the golf enthusiast the only problem really is one of choice. In all there are no fewer than 21 golf courses and driving ranges in the Poitou-Charentes region. Not all of these are full length, but most of these are very welcoming to holiday makers and locals alike. The Poitou-Charentes region has become a good destination for golfing short breaks and holidays. These clubs are known for the welcome they give to visiting players and tend to be situated in stunning locations.

One of the most famous of these is the Golf du Cognac course. On the banks of the Charente river, this Jean Garaïalde course meanders through vineyards and woods and offers very high standards and specifications.

Charente Golfing Holidays


Distances From the Gites

  • The quaint village of Villefagnan is 2.5 km.
  • The historic market town of Ruffec is 10 km.
  • The capital of the Charente, Angouleme is 50 km.
  • Historic La Rochefoucald is 60 km.
  • The famous town of Cognac is 64 km.
  • Aubeterre, with its famous underground church, is 98 km.
  • The coastal town of La Rochelle is 125 km.

Facilities Nearer Home

Villefagnan itself has plenty of resources for a local small village. There is a butcher, a baker, two small supermarkets, a bank with a cash ATM as well as hairdressers, a cafe and restaurant. Visitors should note that the lunch hour for most shops and similar establishments is between 12.00 noon and 2.00 pm, when such places are generally closed.

Ruffec, about six miles away, is a small market town and is larger than Villefagnan and therefore equipped with most of the facilities one would expect for everyday needs such as cafes, several restaurants, shops, banks, large supermarkets and a leisure centre. Ruffec also boasts a small cinema, which is located near the river.

Charente Gite Holidays Villefagnan

Left: Villefagnan


Charente Gite Holidays Ruffec


Events and Activities Around the Charente Area

  • The coast around Royan and La Rochelle is very beautiful with several sandy beaches;
  • Cognac offers plenty of sightseeing and boat trips; and of course there are many Cognac houses with tours and tastings;
  • La Rochefoucauld has a beautiful chateau where you can dress up in period costumer;
  • Angouleme, which is the regional capital, is also the home of french cartoonism;
  • Vallee des Singes animal park and Futuroscope theme park (right) are within easy reach;
  • There are many ancient churches and picturesque villages;
  • During the summer months there are many markets and fetes;
  • The area is excellent for rambling, hill-walking, cycling and bird watching.
  Charente  Holidays Futuroscope Theme Park


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